Limited-Entry Permit-Tag Seasons

These General Season opportunities should not be confused with the annual draws that are conducted by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) in February, June and October. A limited-entry permit-tag application does not invalidate any other application that is submitted for a regular hunt permit-tag or nonpermit-tag, nor does it impact a customer’s bonus points and bag limits. Bonus points cannot be used or accrued in limited-entry permit-tag hunts.

In addition:
  • This is discretionary. The objective is to generate revenue in order to maintain current operations and limit or eliminate the need to increase license and hunt permit-tag fees.
  • The issuance of a small number of limited-entry permit-tags will not adversely affect management objectives for a species or area. These hunts will not impact the number of permit-tags made available for the annual draws. The related harvest will have an insignificant impact on wildlife populations.
  • A valid Arizona hunting (or combination hunt and fish) license is not needed at the time of application. It is required if a customer has been drawn for a limited-entry permit-tag and must be purchased before the tag can be awarded. License Information
  • Permit fees must be paid when the tag is awarded. Permit fee information can be referenced through the Arizona Hunting Regulations
  • At the time of application, a customer shall submit the required application fee ($13 for Arizona residents, $15 for nonresidents).
  • A separate application fee is required for each limited-entry permit-tag hunt number for which a customer applies.
  • A customer may apply for all available hunts, but may only apply once for each limited-entry permit-tag hunt number.
  • Each customer must apply individually. Applicants cannot apply as a group, unlike the annual draws.
  • Residency: Applying for a hunt as a resident if you do not qualify for a resident license or permit is a criminal violation and would invalidate any permits you may be drawn for. Residency information is available here
  • Revocation: Applying for a hunt if your hunting privileges are currently revoked in Arizona or any other state is a criminal violation and would invalidate any permits you may be drawn for.
  • Limited Entry Draw Process: Once the draw is complete successful applicants will be contacted through the phone number provided in the application and then the email provided, if there is no answer. If the Department does not receive a response from the successful applicant to accept and complete the purchase of the tag within 24 hours, that applicant will be passed over and the process will be repeated with the next applicant on the draw list.

NOTE: If a customer enters inaccurate information during the application process, or attempts to enter the draw for a hunt more than once, all applications will be deemed invalid.

NOTE: After an application has been saved, a customer cannot begin a new one. A customer may return to their application to make changes as long as the draw is open, however. When an application has been completed through the payment process, a customer can no longer make changes or apply for additional hunts.

NOTE: DO NOT submit more than one application.